AA Exhibitions


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AA Gallery
15 January–9 February 2011
Monday to Friday 10am–7pm
Saturday 10am–3pm

Curated by
Charles Arsène-Henry & Shumon Basar

AA Exhibitions: Vanessa Norwood,
Lee Regan and Luke Currall

Andrew Kerton, Amal Khalaf, Michelle
Penn, Geoffrey Streatfield

Audio Engineer
Sam Billington

Installation Team
Richard Galloway, Tim Eve, Paul Teigh

Exhibition photography
Leon Chew

Thanks to
Keren Cytter, Walter Donohue, Emily
Jacir, Cedric Moullier, Brett Steele,
Daniel Currall, Mathias Dubos

Exhibition guide produced
and edited by AA Print Studio
Design: Wayne Daly

Art Direction: Zak Kyes

Printed by Aldridge, England

Website produced by: AA Digital Platforms

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1. Rana Dasgupta (1971) lives in
Dehli. Excerpt taken from Solo (Fourth
Estate, 2009).

2. Julien Gracq (1910 – 2007) lived in
Saint-Florent-le-Vieil. Abridged excerpt
taken from Un Balcon en fôret (José
Corti, 1958).
Translated by Richard Howard.

3. Guy Mannes-Abbott (1963) lives in
London. ‘In Ramallah, Running’ excerpt
taken from forthcoming book,
In Ramallah, Running 2010 (2011).

4. Hu Fang (1970) lives in Guangzhou.
Abridged excerpt taken from The
Garden of Mirrored Flowers (Sternberg
Press/Vitamin Creative Space, 2010).
Translated by Melissa Lim.

5. Adania Shibli (1974) lives in London
and Jerusalem. ‘Dust,’ abridged version
of text first published in Al-Karmel
(Ramallah), No. 70-71, 2002. Translated
by Yasmeen Hanoosh.

6. Tom McCarthy (1969) lives in London
and New York. Abridged excerpt taken
from Remainder (Alma Books, 2006).

7. Sophia Al Maria (1983) lives in Doha.
Original material (2010).

8. Jonathan Letham (1964) lives in
Claremont, Los Angeles. Excerpt
taken from The Fortress of Solitude
(Doubleday, 2003).

9. Neal Stephenson (1959) lives
in Seattle. Abridged excerpt taken
from Snowcrash (Bantam Books, 1992).

10. Hisham Matar (1970) lives in London.
Excerpt taken from In the Country of
Men (Viking Press, 2006).

11. Douglas Coupland (1961) lives in
Vancouver. Abridged excerpt taken
from Girlfriend in a Coma (Harper
Collins Canada, 1998).

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